About Marne

I am passionate about helping people attain and utilize the proper tools and habits that will ensure they achieve their most important goals while living a life in balance.


We are given the same number of hours in a day.  Learning to use them effectively in our lives ensures we have time to attend to the things that are most important to us and address matters of health that lead to a long, satisfying, and productive life.


Through the course of my career, I have spent thousands of hours exploring the way the brain works, researching the varied productivity systems, and learning all that I could about human behavior.  

While the state of overwhelm is not unique from person to person, the solution and its application of the solution are.  When applied deliberately and repetitively, a productivity system will work.
The question is, are you working for it or is it working for you? 


I love helping individuals flourish.  I bring a high level of integrity, commitment, and humor to my work. I enjoy teaching people how to take the proper, deliberate, and incremental actions necessary to cultivate the habits that are essential to achieving long-lasting, effective results.

Why work with me

I have had 25 years of diverse training experience spanning a broad range of learning styles. I have delivered individual coaching as well as group programs to more than 30,000 people worldwide in both the profit and
not-for-profit sectors.


I’m a graduate of the University of Minnesota where I received a BS in Counseling. I have a Master’s in Instructional Design and Technology with an emphasis on Human Performance Improvement from Walden University and completed a Certificate in Brain-Based coaching from the Neuroleadership Institute.


I am currently on faculty with the leading business education group in Transactional Competence.